Wednesday, April 6, 2011

in his love - 4/6/11

(John 15:9-14). He also indicated that if we remain in his love, then we God will hear and answer prayers (John 15:7).
Scripture: Psalm 91:14-15

The Lord's protection is for those who love him and show it by obedience to his Word. The protection is just one of God's blessings on his followers:
  • rescue (v 14)
  • protection (v 14)
  • answered prayer (v 15)
  • presence in trouble (v 15)
  • deliverance (v 15)
  • honor (v 15)
  • longevity (v 16)
  • salvation (v 16)
That's quite a list! It seems strange to me that there are so many critics of Christianity who claim that God robs them of joy. I look at this list here and can only offer thanks to a generous God who pours out his blessings on his people.

These blessings are for those who: love him, acknowledge his name, and call on him in trouble.
Jesus said that if we love him we will obey his commands
 Psalm 91 and our John 17 passage is the reference to the name. John 17:11 tells us that our protection comes through the name (strength, might, power, care) of the Lord. Those who acknowledge his name are offered the protection afforded his family.
A final link between this passage in
 (Jn 15) relationship with Christ today. I need to invite his presence in every decision, every conversation, every relationship, every thought. Today I want to live in his love for me and to turn on every "love receptor" I have. I long to find encouragement and refreshment and grace from him and to dwell within his love.
There are three points here that apply to me today.

Love him - I need to live within an abiding 

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