Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Welcome to the 40 Day Spiritual Discovery


I am very excited for us to pursue this journey together. This 40-Day Spiritual Discovery is designed to energize our walks with Christ and revive a collective sense of renewal and direction. It is both a personal discovery as well as a church-wide emphasis. Your personal participation will contribute significantly to the overall success of this journey. Similarly, joining in on the group portions of this 40 day Discover will strengthen what you do on your own.

Our theme, Developing a Dangerous Prayer Life is an invitation from the Lord himself to every individual heart, marriage, home, and family.  Over the next weeks leading up to Easter we will listen in on Christ’s prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. This was a dangerous time for him – just prior to his crucifixion. As he pours out his heart we will learn about the things that mattered to him. We’ll find ourselves at the heart of these conversations with the Father. These are dangerous times and we need to learn to pray like Christ. We’ll learn to listen to the Shepherd’s voice and, I believe, come to love him more in the coming weeks.

I wonder how God will shape your prayers in these coming days. I’m looking forward to sharing these moments with you. I am glad you are joining us for this discovery and I pray it will be a season of great encouragement to your heart.

In the days to come, I will be posting my own journal reflections for each of the 40 days. If you want to follow along, email me and I'll send you the verses for each day. I'll also be posting these on the Meadow Creek Church website once we get that blog up and running.

Feel free to respond with your own reflections or just dialog with your fellow travelers on this 40 day discovery. My prayer is that God will open our minds to new discoveries, our hearts to new affections, and our prayers to new levels of passion and effectiveness.

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