Monday, March 28, 2011

Glorify the Lord with me - Journal for 3/28/11

Scripture: Psalm 34:1-3
"Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together."

David moves from the first person singular in verses 1 and 2 to the plural in verse 3. Worship can do that. Every day I spend time in worship before the Lord, but that's mostly by myself. But there is something about private worship that creates a hunger for corporate worship. For me, worship is not just a solo sport.
I love to enter into praise and worship with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I'll be honest, it's hard on Sundays when I preach. It's a discipline to have to turn my mind from what I will speak to what I should be hearing.

Yesterday, however, was a phenomenal worship experience. Somewhere in the second service I just heard the Lord speak to me through an image and a simple sentence. I stopped singing and just listened and reflected on what the Lord was telling me. I don't think that would have happened on my own. It was in the context of corporate worship. Your voices carried me when my voice was silent.

For me this is a very personal verse. This verse reference is inscribed on the inside of my wedding band along with Moe's initials. It is our prayer that as husband and wife we will glorify the Lord together. For 29 years we have been doing just that. It has been at all times. It has been on our lips. It has been when were were afflicted and when we were rejoicing. Praise to the God of our strength and refuge has been part of our daily experience. I'm so grateful for the privilege of coming to the Lord in prayer. But even more grateful to have a partner in marriage who understands the value of a common spiritual faith that is integral to everything we do. I'm also very, very grateful for the body of believers with whom I have the privlege of worship every week. Something marvelous happens when we worship and pray together.

So what will be my personal application of this passage? I will plan to be part of the Vespers service on Sunday evening. For me personally, it's the most meaningful worship service of the month.

Today, Lord, I am simply grateful. I don't come asking for anything. I just want you to know how valuable you are to me. And I am so grateful for the gift of Moe, with whom I get to share this life. I am also overwhelmed with gratitude for the gift of Meadow Creek Church. Thank you for allowing me to enter into this fellowship and to worship you, our Lord and Savior. Amen.

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